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The best cable TV operator in Bangladesh provides with ample entertainment for home and family. We are the future leader of set top box in Bangladesh.

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    Choose the best cable TV operator in Bangladesh, the pioneer of digital entertainment.

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    We proudly present the best packages in the set top box section in Bangladesh.

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According to the rules and regulations passed by the government, all Cable TV must be digitized and failure to do so will result in connection termination. Thus, we bring you our set-top box that meets all requirements posed by the government which makes us one of the most reliable companies out there. Combined with our high quality content and reliability, we make sure all our customers get the best experience possible.

So, contact your nearest feed operator to purchase a set-top box of your choice. By December 31st, 2021, all analog cable TV service will be discontinued. So, hurry up and get yours today. For more information, go to contact page and reach us through provided information. We are happy to help.


Why choose Jashore City Cable

Today with the advancement of technology and digitization of services we are ready to provide our customers with the digital HD cable service. With the implementation of set top box in Bangladesh, Jashore City Cable will flood the households of southern Bangladesh with high definition entertainment. Today we are providing quite 250 channels through Jashore City Cable.

To access more, our viewers are requested to use our set top box with the television set and you may enjoy HD quality picture and Dolby quality sound.
We are the pioneer among the cable TV operators in Bangladesh. We are the authorized broadcaster of many high-quality popular channels that you watch

  • Ultra-speed Connection
  • 250+ World Channels
  • Free Installation
  • 1080p Hd Quality
  • Flexible Tariff Plans
  • Fast Support 24/7

Stunning UI (User Interface) and Easy-to-use channel guide of Jashore City Cable Set Top Box offers you the driver’s seat with control and comfort. Order today –


What our clients say

Nasrin Sultana Khan

Its TV packages accompany a good range of channels, the foremost well-rounded plan. You’ll be missing out on premium internet plans if you neglect Jashore City Cable.

Milon Hossain

Most providers either require you to bundle your TV service with internet but you'll be able to choose from all their services ranging from cable TV packages to internet – independently.

FHM Fokhruddin

Every now and then Jashore City Cable has been introducing new services and I have heard they are going to introduce new Set Top Box services soon. I am eagerly waiting for their enhanced quality customer care.

Khondoker Rashed Manon

Each time I introduce Jashore City Cable to a friend and family, I am congratulated for the good product and services. Their service has confirmed that customer orientation, professional and trustable entrepreneurship and leading-edge technology are the simplest ingredients of their successful business.

Parvez Mahmud

Jashore City Cable's strong customer focus, its ability to deliver leading edge technology at record speed and at an equivalent time at mass market conditions has made this corporate a reliable and committed service partner for everyday life.

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